If I Could Reach Them…

My heart goes out to people who are plagued by depression and chaotic circumstances. Who live their lives out of pain and frustration. I give myself to the souls who are lost in hopes that these words will find them.


If I could reach them, I would teach them the importance of their existence.

I would allow them to witness the value of resilience versus resistance.

Show the freedom of repentance.

My brothers and sisters would understand why they are needed

generational and cultural curses wouldn’t be repeated

I would uproot the roots of bad seeds before the harvest

Allow them to see that only for love should they fight their hardest

And only with the dedication to God would they go the furthest.

I’d give up a lot to see them all reach their full potential

losing a few soldiers in battle isn’t always essential

I wish that they could let go of the pain they’re living through

They don’t have to go through life believing the entire world is cold and cruel

I would show my brothers and sisters that love is not living through abuse

And being abusive wont diminish the pain that they’ve been through

It’s not enough to get money, materials and live to have sex

These are the most potent of illusions and they will leave your spirit vexed.

And if they only knew that this all is just a test

If I could open their eyes and have them receive

I would give them my very best


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