Put Your Past In Perspective

Self-acceptance is everything! We are human and we are fallible – the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can look for the lesson in our past and move on.

I was on a prayer call this morning facilitated by Pastor Dharius Daniels and he quoted something that blew me away. He said, “Your past is one of two things: a school or a prison.” It sounds simple, but it is profound. The beauty in this, is that you get to decide which place your past will personify. Will you excavate the jewels from the moment – paying attention to the opportunity for growth or, will you lock your self away in the shame surrounding the past?

Sulking over your past is not going to change what happened. However, making up your mind to appreciate the fact that you lived through it and,  have an opportunity to inspire someone else with your story,  changes the temperature and overall condition of your future.

Do not lock yourself away because you did not live up to or live in a past of perfection. Get up, get started and be fully present – show the world that you have studied your past, captured the main points and are ready to write a new and improved edition of your future.

Come on! Class is in session.



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