It Is Necessary For Seasons To Change

One of the most beautiful things about God’s orchestration is the change in seasons. No matter how intensely hot the summers, bitter cold the winters, comfortably warm the spring or refreshingly cool the fall, we can depend on a consistent shift in the atmosphere.

In the same respect, we can be sure about the rhythm of change in our spiritual seasons. While we tend to adapt more seamlessly in some seasons than we do others, we cannot deny the contribution that each plays in our pursuit of purpose and our overall growth.

As much as we would like to skip over the trials and tribulations of a storm, we can be sure that enduring one leaves us more resilient. As much as we enjoy the calm of living on grace, we understand the benefit of facing the burn of deliverance.

Seasons change because God decided that they would; in addition, it is a part of the process to fulfill His promises. We must remember and submit to the litany, “God’s will not ours.”


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