Be Intentional

Your heart is broken, your soul is crushed and you are thinking: how did this happen? And while you may feel too emotionally fragile to sift through the details, it is this moment that determines whether or not you gain a new perspective. Every portion of pain carries an equal possibility of growth. Maybe the possibility of progression is in the fight of moving on or in the effort to take responsibility for your part; either way, being intentional about your steps forward warrant insurmountable benefits. We do not have to be casualties of our situations.

There is a difference between having something happen to you, going through something and experiencing. Perhaps, our tendency to see those things as the same is what keeps us from collecting nuggets of unbreakable wisdom. We are not, by nature, powerless. This is not to say that we have control over everything that happens to us, but we do have a choice in our response.

If something happens beyond our control, something like a natural disaster, how does one respond? If you are a person that falls into the “something happened to you” category, it is likely that you will take permanent residence in the house of victim. The story of tragedy will be told over and over, exactly how it happened to you. Years down the road, it is likely that you will feel as though and speak as if the tragedy just happened.

If you fall into the “going through something” category, you will realize that what occurred was beyond your control but you will not see a lesson or think about the dynamic of how this should change your life. This moment of tragedy will simply be a past situation that, in your mind, has no meaning.

But, if you are one to “experience”, you will understand that what transpired was beyond your control and you will ask yourself how you can prepare differently in case this type of devastation threatens to strike again. The realization that you lived to talk about it will not be an invitation to throw a pity party but rather a praise party. Instead of checking out emotionally, you will cherish life and those you love even more. You will make an effort to heed warnings as opposed to ignoring what is happening all around you.

As long as we all live, there is an expectation to grow and produce. It is not about collecting more money or materialistic luxuries, it is about experiencing life. We learn and teach each other. Wisdom is invaluable, especially when it is derived from experience.


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