Choose To Believe

When God makes a promise to us, we are taught to wait with expectancy and rejoice even before the fulfillment of His promise has manifested. And we should, because He is a God who cannot lie (Numbers 23:19). Even when we do not understand the process, we can be sure that the plan is perfect. As much as we try, we cannot fathom the audacity of God’s plan. We were not built to decipher divine orchestration, we are built to trust divine orchestration (Isaiah 55:-9). In addition, we are constantly being groomed to know without tangible proof that divine orchestration is infallible because it is the work of God.

However, knowing that all of these things are so, we are still shocked when the steps ordered by God leads us directly into a storm. Even with the knowledge that the process was not ours to plan; our hearts are broken when we have to bury and grieve our own idea of how we thought the process should have gone. In these moments we are enticed to ask “why?” When God does not reveal an answer and simply charges us to trust Him, we are antagonized by our own flesh to question the love of God and His intention with our lives. The constant questions in our minds are debilitating and toxic to our spiritual growth. The tricks of the enemy in times like these are to kill our hope, steal our joy and destroy our spiritual resilience. Satan, the father of lies, purposes to distract us from the lesson.

The lesson is this: There is no easy way to attain the amount immovable and unshakable faith that Job had when he said, “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him…” (Job 13:15) Job was confident in God through turmoil and unimaginable loss. Even when the odds (standards set by the world) appear to be against you and you do not see any reasonable way that God’s promise can still find you, take on the attitude of Job. Make the commitment to trust God in full capacity – no matter how things look. Believe like Abraham and hope against hope. (Romans 4:16-21) Make up your mind to trust God and believe His promises even when the process hurts.


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